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Who knows the true meaning of the word “success?­” Rene’ Martin surely does. She has accomplished success in both her personal and professional life. She is young, beautiful, talented, and dedicated to her family. She has a six-­figure salary, two wonderful children and shares it all with her husband Jalen. To top it all off, she has a best friend “Nina” that has her back at all times. (At least Rene thought she did) Her life was perfect by far until….

Rene soon discovers that her life isn’t so perfect after all. Her husband and best friend lay at the root of all the lies, secrets, and manipulation that cause her to think she is going insane. When Rene is faced with the possibility of losing everything, her “survival of the fittest” mentality kicks into high gear. Rene finds herself torn between making a decision to seek what is right or to seek the ultimate revenge. Hurt and betrayal can lead to a lot of misfortunes including death.

Follow Rene as she digs and unravels all of . . .

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