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Wrapping up in a cozy sweater on a crisp, autumn day brings a subtle sense of comfort to us. This same feeling of protection is offered by our Heavenly Father who waits each day to wrap us up in His loving care. Fall into the Hands of the Father is a devotional designed to lift your spirits and draw you closer to the Lord. The themes of healing, harvest, and happiness are developed in each daily devotion to allow you to let go of the problems that have got you down and let God be your source of support this season – and always!

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Although some days the skies may turn gray with the approach of another winter storm, somehow there's an added sparkle to life this time of year! What could cause such excitement and joy in a busy, bustling world? It's the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ the Lord, that’s caused this kind of stir! While reading Walking in His Winter Wonderland, you'll be refreshed as you study more about who Jesus really is – and how special you are to Him! So deck your halls, plan your parties, and celebrate with family and friends . . . but be sure to spend time with the Savior so you truly can experience all that He has in store for you during this wonderful season of life!

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Spring brings so many blessings – including the promise of new life. What better way to start this season than to dive into God's Word for our support and strength as we discover how He wants us to truly live! The daily devotions found in Put A New Spring in Your Step begin with a verse or two from the Bible followed by some thoughts on the topics of life, love and light. Finally, a prayer closes each devotional to help send you off to experience those showers of blessings you've been waiting for! Are you ready to feel renewed and refreshed this season? Then Put a New Spring in Your Step is just what you need to get started!

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