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Offering practical advice on how to conduct a synthesis of research in the social, behavioral, and medical sciences, the Foruth Edition of Harris Cooper bestselling text is invaluable to both first-­time literature reviewers and experts looking for lucid discussions of complex issues. Reorganized and revised throughout, this text is written in plain language with numerous examples. Each chapter concludes with exercises for use as class projects.­Key FeaturesPresents an updated version of Cooper’s easy-­to-­follow seven-­step research synthesis processHighlights the critical questions to ask about synthesis methodology at each step and the identification of “best practices”Contains two new chapters, “Gathering Information From Studies” (Chapter 4) and “Interpreting the Evidence” (Chapter 7), giving expanded treatments on gathering information from studies and interpreting the evidence from a research synthesisProvides completely updated material on techniques for searching the . . .

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