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Tristan can't wait to get to Darnell—a place where people have similar powers to his own and won't know about the horrific events that led to being exiled from his previous home. Unfortunately, they do know, and so does Lazaro, a ruthless man determined to regain possession of the powerful emerald Tristan stole.

And Lazaro isn't the only one on a quest for Tristan's blood.

A secret society of overzealous dragon slayers believes Tristan is a worthy target to hunt. When he is captured and put on trial for being an abomination to mankind, his continued denial of dragon ancestry won't keep him safe for long. The Slayers have been hunting for generations, and in a private museum of artifacts and past conquests, Tristan discovers a handful of gems akin to the emerald and a new mission—if he can survive long enough to escape captivity.

But then...­no amount of protection or denial can save him from himself.

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15-­year-­old Tristan finally has a chance to excel with his growing powers in a safe, supervised location. But his past haunts him, dragon slayers hunt him, and the reality of his existence will change everything.

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An uprising in the realm of dragon spirits forces the ghostly ancestors to make a choice: join the rebellion and support Tristan in freeing the Faerie races, or support the council in their desire to keep a centuries-­old contract from falling apart. The stakes are high for either choice and Tristan must decide for himself, which of the races will be sacrificed for the greater good.

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