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This book is written by a well educated business philanthropist and entrepreneur Author, who has captured her dreams through her subconscious child like mind (memoirs) to adulthood. The book is based on her family past of untold secrets, unknowingly where she or they originated from as people. As an adoptive child, the Author went through doubt, fear, abuse and loneliness yet at the same time she felt happiness within her heart at all times. Find out who has inspired this Author as she tells her intimate and private story to the world. The Author has accomplished many goals and is the Founder and CEO of JAB, an online advisory board - agency, a jonesmess IDea. To subscribe visit her blog at www.­jabsocialite.­blogspot.­com receive monthly copies of JAB's Newsletter: "online advisory social board". Find JAB on all the social media platforms and other social websites. JAB seeks volunteers, sponsors, college grads and creative launchers, visit the main website at: . . .

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