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Series : Book 1 of "Hard to Hold"
THE SPECIAL OPS HERO FEARED NOTHING— UNTIL HE MET A WOMAN TOO HOT TO HOLD.­… Lieutenant Jake Hansen has survived some of the riskiest missions known to man. But now the wounded Navy SEAL faces his toughest job yet: smuggling Dr. Isabelle Markham out of Africa without triggering an international incident. Not easy to do when the gorgeous hostage happens to be a senator's daughter—and about as easy to resist as an oasis in the desert. If it weren't for Jake, Isabelle would still be halfway across the world, where rebel forces left her for dead. The special ops warrior may have saved her life, but she doesn't need him to protect her now. Tell that to the ruggedly handsome hunk in full battle fatigues who's just been assigned as Isabelle's personal bodyguard. Close quarters aside, Isabelle won't let Jake anywhere near her heart—until danger throws them together again. And nothing in the jungles of wildest Africa could prepare them for a passion this . . .

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against her legacy as the MC's princess, Tru Tennyson escaped the
ruthless, male-­dominated culture of the Defiance motorcycle club. Three
years later, her newfound freedom is ripped away, thanks to a massive
hybrid storm that killed millions. Now, in the post-­Chaos world of
semi-­darkness and near-­total anarchy where gangs rule, she discovers the
dangerous world of Defiance may be the one thing that can keep her

Tru is at the
MC's mercy when she's dragged back to her former home…and to the only
man she's ever pictured a future with. Caspar is the bastard son of the
club's leader, her safe haven when life got rough—and her onetime lover
the night she left. When Tru refuses to trade *** for power and be
claimed by a rival club leader, she also dares to announce she wants
Caspar instead, throwing the MC into turmoil.

Tru's brazen
revolt could start a gang war and destroy the club from within. Now both
Tru and the MC must wait for Caspar's . . .

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Desperate, fearless, and hunted

For former Navy SEAL Dare O’Rourke, Section 8 was legendary. The son of one of its missing members, he grew up in the shadow of its secrets. All he knew was that it was a cabal of operatives discharged from branches of the military and reassigned to extremely dangerous, off-­the-­books international missions. And that their handler was as shrouded in mystery as the missions themselves.
Nothing can stop them. Nothing can break them.
Now the handler of Section 8 has given extreme orders to kill any remaining members, along with their families. Dare must save his long-­lost half sister, Avery, whom he was never meant to meet. Determined to fight for their lives and find their missing father, Dare and Avery bring together those who are in danger because of their relationship to Section 8 for one last mission—to avenge their families and to survive.
ReviewPraise for the Novels of Stephanie Tyler
“Unforgettable.­”—New York Times bestselling author Cherry . . .

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Assistant District Attorney Ava Turkowski knows about leading a dangerous life--­her father was a risk taker who died in the line of duty and her beloved brother is taking just as many chances. Now a high-­profile case has landed Ava herself in the crosshairs--­and the only man standing between her and certain death is the one she can't forget. Justin Brandt was Ava's brother's best friend, her protector during her wild-­child teenage years...­and the object of her hottest fantasies. Now he's a highly trained Navy SEAL with a body to die for and he's been tasked with keeping Ava alive. Which means keeping her close--­the closer the better...

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Series : Book 1 of "Eternal Wolf Clan"
Feared by humans and envied by werewolves, the Dire Wolves are immortal shifters, obeying no laws but their own bestial natures. Rifter leads the pack, and his primal instincts have led him to claim Gwen, a woman seeking solace from the chronic pain that has wracked her body her entire life. But whatever future Rifter and Gwen have is threatened by an enemy of both humanity and the Dire Wolves...

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Series : Book 2 of "Eternal Wolf Clan"
The full moon is their mistress. They are predators of pleasure and pain. Feared by humans, envied by werewolves, the Dire wolves are immortal shifters, obeying no laws but their own bestial natures. Once they were many, but now only eight remain, a dangerous wolfpack forever on the hunt… The supernatural world is rising up against the human one. The weretrappers want to control the humans, and only the immortal Dire wolves stand in the way of total destruction. Stray, a Dire, and his long-­lost brother, Killian, emerge as the leaders of their pack. To keep themselves and the humans safe, the Dires must find a witch as powerful as the one who has been helping the weretrappers. They find what they are looking for in Kate, a human who survived a horrible car accident that left her back scarred with a handprint no one else is able to see. Stray senses in Kate the powers of a witch and recruits her to help the Dires—all the while knowing that . . .

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Series : Book 2 of "Defiance"
Book two of The Defiance Series Mathias Robichaud is looking for an alliance. The Defiance motorcycle club is a stronghold in the dangerous world that's become the new norm and he's driven to prove he's tough enough to be sworn in as a full member. But when he sees a beautiful, spirited girl abducted by a rival MC, rescuing her jeopardizes all he's worked for.­Politician's daughter Jessa Everson knows what's expected of her—obedience, loyalty and silence—but that doesn't mean she doesn't fight when she's kidnapped by the Lords of Vengeance. Having Mathias save her is like gaining an avenging angel in leather and tattoos. But Defiance is known for brutal justice, and she may have just traded one bad situation for another.­Mathias's urge to protect is too strong to ignore, no matter how much trouble Jessa brings to Defiance's gates. There's no room in the post-­Chaos world for weakness so if Mathias and Jessa have any chance of surviving, they'll need to . . .

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