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Marriage isn't a goal or a business contract but a partnership of love.
The only man Tamsin Donal could ever love is ambitious, determined Connor O'Neal. Nonetheless, she leaves him and their business when he proposes marriage for all the wrong reasons. Years later she meets Connor at a business conference and discovers that he wants her back in his bed and his life. A skilled negotiator, Connor is very persuasive. Maybe he has finally learned the difference between business and love. However, Tamsin has a secret that could destroy any chance they have at enduring love.

A chance encounter gives distribution mogul Connor O'Neal the opportunity to win back the only woman he's ever loved-­brilliant, beautiful Tamsin Donal. He pursues Tamsin like he does everything he wants, with a single-­minded determination that allows for neither failure nor distractions. His passionate efforts to regain her love nearly convince Tamsin, but if she reveals the truth it may keep them apart . . .

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The Alden sisters find themselves in an ugly quandary when their powerful Bostonian father dies - and each must find the courage to escape fate. Armed with nothing but their smarts, they set out on individual paths to find independence, happiness, and love.­One Moment's Pleasure: Drawn to San Francisco during the Gold Rush, Edith narrowly escapes working in a bordello, but she can't escape Dutch Trahern, who seeks redemption after his misspent youth.­One Night's Desire: Rustlers, claim jumpers, and fire - nothing will stop Kiera from her goal: getting back to her sisters. But a murder accusation sets Marshal Evrett Quinn on her trail. She may be able to escape prison bars and eventually prove her innocence, but she can't escape Ev's love.­One Day's Loving: Mae likes her quiet life - she's not cut out to defy convention like Edith or act on instinct like Kiera. But everything changes when Boston attorney James Collins reads her father's...

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Lady Juliana Verault gladly left England—and its men—far behind in her quest to live as a Beguine. But the Christian community ceases to provide a safe haven when she’s called to travel to Palermo, Italy, where she’s entrusted with a letter from the pope that could radically change the church’s stance on women. Juliana holds the key to upending the power structure throughout Europe, but only if she can dodge her cousin, King Edward I of England, and his plans to marry her off as political leverage.
Edward sets Sir Robert Clarwyn, a knight errant and loyal hunter of criminals and traitors, on Juliana’s trail to retrieve her. Robert has never failed to bring home his target before … but then, he has never encountered a quarry like Lady Juliana, who can befuddle and bemuse him with just a smile.
If he can’t find a way to compel her to return to England, he’ll lose any chance of regaining his family lands and redeeming his heritage. Yet Juliana must complete her mission or risk . . .

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Maggie Winters blames Carter Enterprises CEO, Alec Carter for the death of her husband. She believes that revenge is the only way to regain the joy she once had in life, including an active and adventurous sex life. Lacking resources to match those of rich and influential Alec, Maggie plots lure Alec into a sordid sex scandal which will ruin his business reputation. Just as he puts plans in place to rescue his company from the brink of disaster, Alec Carter becomes obsessed with a mystery woman who lures him into a weeklong sexual tryst. Both Maggie and Alec are unprepared when lust promises to become love. Both must learn to trust if they want the promised lifetime of love and loving. To My Reader: I am very excited to have Red Sage publish my first erotic novella, The Widow's Revenge. Maggie and Alec's story is more than a revenge romance involving a battle of wills between two strong determined people. The story springs from questions about how women (or men) with very few . . .

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