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Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, plump librarian Eva Walkers witnesses a man being murdered by the Russian mafia. Three months later, the Feds put her in the witness protection program. Reborn with new identity as Eva Smith in a new town, she tries to pick up her life where she had left off. Unfortunately, the vory v zakone is able to track her down to finish her. They shoot Eva and dump her body into the river.

Dragon shifter and reclusive billionaire Liam Caderyn is having his midnight stroll when he sees a woman’s body wash out in the stream of his property. He saves her and nurses Eva back to life. Wildly attracted to her, Liam claims that Eva is his wife when she wakes up with amnesia. He figures the lies will keep her with him while he investigates her mysterious past. And besides, he really wants to claim her as his mate.

However, Eva’s past catches up with her and the ruthless vory v zakone gets wind of her whereabouts. They come to settle the score . . .

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Stuck in a dead-­end job and with a little brother who needs expensive medical care, pleasantly plump waitress Annalise Conrad is at the end of her rope. Out of the blue, three men knock on her door and tell her that she has just inherited a great fortune. But the inheritance comes with a catch: Annalise must marry a man named Sven Torvik and stay married for a year, even if it’s just a pro forma. Ambitious, workaholic billionaire Sven Torvik is fulfilling a promise he made to his surrogate father Seymour Dune that he would take care of Dune’s estranged niece. The promise is that Sven will show her how to manage her wealth and Dune Industry. The method is unorthodox: Sven must marry her for a year in order to boost her credibility in front of the board of directors and to teach her everything she must know to run a multinational company. But when Sven sees Annalise—a cheery, innocent young woman with dangerous curves and alluring femininity, he can barely contains the beast within . . .

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In the heart of the forbidden forest of Emagari, your deepest, most wicked desires could come true…
Elyra of Dorknar runs away from her impending demise. Pawned for her brother’s political ambition, she was forced to marry an older duke. On the eve of their wedding, the duke suddenly dies. According to the Elven tradition, Elyra is to be burned alive with her husband’s body in a ceremonial pyre to accompany him in Paradise.
With the hunters on her tail, Elyra has no choice but to hide in the forbidden forest. She thought she’d be safe. But in Emagari, legend has it that the shapeshifting, half-­man-­half-­beast Khimerian, centaurs, rule the forest.
Elyra doesn’t think the legend is true until she’s spotted and kidnapped by two gorgeous Khimerian warriors who are hell-­bent on claiming her as their mate. Even if it means they will have to seduce the virgin she-­elf and introduce her to an array of forbidden pleasures…
Author’s note: this erotic fantasy tale contains anal sex, sex with . . .

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All she wants is a one-­night stand. But when he discovers that she's his mate, he won't stop until he claims her as his forever.­Cat shifter Violet Cross has a penchant for trouble. When she breaks up with her fiancé, Mac, and seeks some guilt-­free, sweaty, hot sex at the local bar but ends up waking up the next morning married, Violet thinks she has hit an all-­time low. Especially when she finds out the man she's married is a dragon prince from the al'Tarakh throne; a VIP passenger she must escort to the D'Keghan system.­Levy Frye has been looking for his future queen for quite some time. When he sees the green-­eyed feisty cat innocently proposing a one-­night stand, he can't simply let Violet slip away. He agrees on a quickie, but instead he finds his true soul mate. Levy vows to make Violet his forever. The tricky part is convincing the stubborn cat they belong together.­When lust and destiny collide, a weeklong game of cat-­and-­dragon hide-­and-­seek at Orient Fevre might prove to . . .

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Book one in the Lions of Manhattan Series
Shape-­shifters aren’t real...­are they?
Enigmatic and introverted, Gabriel Larousse is a billionaire with a secret. He’s actually a lion-­shifter, alpha of the pride that left his homeland along with his brothers to avoid the clan wars and to live peacefully among humans.
Catherine Kovac is a private investigator who is on the brink of losing her business. A client hires her to unearth Gabe’s dark past. Getting close to Gabe seems like an impossible task. The man is surrounded by his brothers, who are eager to jump at her throat, thinking she’s looking for dirt. So Cat is surprised when Gabe invites her into the circle and into his bed.
To discover that Gabe desires her as his mate is one thing. Finding out his dark, furry secret is quite another. But saying no to an alpha like Gabe is like talking to a brick wall. Cat may have to get used to the idea that Gabe isn’t the sort of big cat who’ll be content and purr just for a little petting...

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©Copyright Lizzie Lynn Lee 2012
Cover Art by Posh Gosh ©Copyright 2012
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