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Available for the first time in over a decade, two classic Dorothy Garlock romances - AMBER-­EYED MAN and THE PLANTING SEASON - are coming back into print in an irresistible two-­in-­one volume. AMBER-­EYED MAN:­When chance forces Meredith Moore to seek refuge at Ward Sanderson's Mexican estate, she thinks the worst is behind her. But her host, magnetic and mysterious, is alternately cold, then kind.­Winning the trust of Ward's small daughter and invalid bother, Meredith discovers the warmth that she, a foster child, never knew. Yet is it Ward's love she craves, and the passion smoldering in the depths of his amber eyes...­THE PLANTING SEASON:­Iris Ouverson had poured her energies into the family farm she cultivated with her sister, and the appearance of John Lang was unexpected-­and infuriating. Suddenly the land was theirs to share, an idea she couldn't accept. But John was was determined to prove his dedication to the farm and his feelings for Iris. But when disaster struck the farm, . . .

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The "Voice of America's Heartland,­" national bestselling author Dorothy Garlock, delivers the second novel in her evocative, Depression-­era trilogy.­Ernie Harding may have stolen Margie Kinnard's savings, but he didn't shatter her dreams of going to California to become a movie star. Help arrives from an unexpected source: Margie's long lost father.

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From top ranking historical romance writer, Dorothy Garlock, comes the first novel in a new trilogy. This is the romantic saga of a courageous widow who forges the Illinois frontier to make a new life. The author is an expert on the pioneer era, and she uses actual diaries and letters from that time to authenticate her stories.

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