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'­Artsy, swoon-­worthy and kinky.­"New York Magazine"I loved this book. The writer does a great job.­"Junot Diaz, author of The Brief And Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao"F Scott Fitzgerald for the iPod generation.­"Richard Nash, Editor Soft Skull Publishing"I don'­t know whether to be flattered or outragedbut as I read these pages I felt gratitude. It'­s hard to find work so drenched in honesty and I was glad for the chance to read it. I think the author is a decent unafraid writer, and that'­s rare. And as an editor I think the writing demonstrates a raw honesty and humour.­"Molly Stern, Senior Editor, Random House"Terrific and genuinely spooky.­"Caroline Marshall, Editor of Campaign London"First he steals the oxygen from you, then he spits it back in your face. One of the most interesting and controversial encounters I'­ve made through a book.­"Lorenzo DeRita, Editor of COLORS Rome"A great. finely tuned, funny, unique, and...

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"I am considered by those who have the honor of my acquaintance to be a pillar of propriety.­" Thus begins the autobiography of Eveline. In the pages that follow, she graphically demonstrates how incorrect this misconception is.

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In the third installment in Anonymous's popular series which began with The Book with No Name and continued with *The Eye of the Moon, the Bourbon Kid returns for more vengeance, this time on the contestants of a television talent contest*
The Devil’s Graveyard is an area of desert. Its only habitations are a small roadside gas station, and a giant hotel, where the final of the Back from the Dead singing competition is held, in which contestants compete by impersonating dead stars. Except that someone is killing them off . . . and there are other killers out there, too—not to mention zombies. Featuring characters from The Book with No Name and The Eye of the Moon, this is a show where anything goes and anyone can enter. Even the judges aren't quite what they seem. Sanchez, Elvis, the Mystic Lady, a whole bunch of dead rock stars and, of course, the Bourbon Kid are headed to the Hotel Pasadena for what is quite literally the most cutthroat reality show there's ever been. Dreams . . .

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