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Ecartelé. Savannah, Georgie. Au coeur d'une chaude nuit d'été, Elise, la jeune épouse du juge Laird, abat le cambrioleur qu'elle surprend dans leur maison. Mais s'agit-­il seulement de légitime défense? Entre son devoir et son désir, Pour répondre à cette question, l'inspecteur Duncan Hatcher et sa coéquipière DeeDee Bowen mènent l'enquête. Bien vite, ils découvrent que la séduisante Elise Laird a un passé trouble. Quant à son présent, on lui prête de nombreux amants... Un flic franchit la ligne jaune ! Son mari souhaite-­t-­il vraiment se débarrasser d'elle, comme Elise l'affirme? Ou bien essaie-­t-­on, par ricochet, de se venger du juge? L'inspecteur aura d'autant plus de mal à démêler le vrai du faux qu'il succombe à son tour au charme d'Elise... Bon nombre des livres de Sandra Brown ont figuré sur les listes des meilleures ventes du New York Times. 70 millions d'exemplaires de ses romans, traduits en 33 langues, se sont vendus dans le monde. En 2008, elle a reçu le Thriller Master . . .

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Ten years ago Sayre Lynch escaped from her small Louisiana hometown. Now she must return to Destiny to bury her brother, and confront her manipulative father and the painful memories she attempted to flee. As investigators raise questions about the nature of Danny's death, Sayre examines the turbulent relationships within her own family. Complicating her attempts to learn exactly how her brother died is Beck Merchant, her father's brilliant and canny attorney, who seems every bit as corrupt as her father. Yet despite her low opinion of Beck, Sayre finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. Tension between the workforce and management is mounting in Sayre's father's steel mill. While another hotbed of lies, secrecy and depravity smoulders and then ignites within his own family . . .

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From the PublisherLucky Tyler attracted trouble--­and women--­like a lightning rod. But the night he stepped in to rescue a mysterious redhead in a seedy bar, he got more than he bargained for!­The lady excited him, challenged him, drove him wild with desire--­then vanished without a trace. Lucky was desperate to find her, to brand her with his heat--­and when the police were called in to investigate a suspicious fire at Tyler Drilling, his family business, he needed her for an alibi!­Torn between anguish and ecstasy, Devon Haines tried to refuse Lucky's pleas for help, but the reckless blue-­eyed devil wouldn't take no as an answer from her... not when his touch could make her burn, could make her his.­Framed by old enemies, Lucky knew his only hope to clear himself rested on solving the crime, but Devon feared when his innocence was proved, she would lose the handsome cowboy who possessed her heart and soul Would the tragic vow that made their love forbidden cost her forever in his . . .

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