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Jemima Jones is overweight. About one hundred pounds overweight. Treated like a maid by her thin and social-­climbing roommates, and lorded over by the beautiful Geraldine (less talented but better paid) at the Kilburn Herald , Jemima finds that her only consolation is food. Add to this her passion for her charming, sexy, and unobtainable colleague Ben, and Jemima knows her life is in need of a serious change. When she meets Brad, an eligible California hunk, over the Internet, she has the perfect opportunity to reinvent herself - as JJ, the slim, beautiful, gym-­obsessed glamour girl. But when her long-­distance Romeo demands that they meet, she must conquer her food addiction to become the bone-­thin model of her e-­mails - no small feat. With a fast-­paced plot that never quits and a surprise ending no reader will see coming, Jemima J is the chronicle of one woman's quest to become the woman she's always wanted to be, learning along the way a host of lessons about attraction, . . .

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What happens when your Prince Charming turns out not to be so charming after all? In To Have and To Hold, bestselling author Jane Green offers a sizzling, highly entertaining look at romantic relationships after we say “I do.­” Alice knows she should be happy. A charming twenty-­eight-­year-­old with a successful catering business, she’s always dreamed of a rose-­covered cottage in the English countryside, filled with children and animals and home-­cooked meals. Her favorite attire is comfy jeans, her best manicure features garden dirt under the nails. But when her teenage crush—the wealthy, dashing man-­about-­town Joe Chambers—wants to make her his bride, Alice is more than willing to play Cinderella to Joe’s prince. Never mind that he wants her to change—a diet, ice-­blond highlights, stilettos, snooty gallery openings—and that he’s allergic to nature and kids. She tells herself she’s happy to sacrifice for love, and besides, with Joe’s stunning good looks and high-­profile career at a . . .

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We may think we are happy, whether it's married with children, living in a big house out in the suburbs with an adoring husband and two beautiful children, or being footloose and fancy free in a cool flat with a great job and lots of friends, but isn't there often a small part of us that thinks the grass is always greener? That longs for what we don't have... From the outside Vicky Townsley would appear to have it all. Features Director of the hugely successful Poise! magazine, she lives alone in London, is single, solvent, and seriously successful. But she'd give it all up in a heartbeat for marriage, children, and a house in the country complete with aga and large lurchers. Amber Winslow on the other hand, has exactly what Vicky Townsley wants, albeit on the other side of the atlantic. A huge stone mansion in Highfield Connecticut, the requisite golden retriever, children (and, naturally, full-­time nanny), and a busy charitable commitment for the local . . .

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To Libby Mason, Mr. Right has always meant Mr. Rich. A twenty seven-­year-­old publicist, she's barely able to afford her fashionable and fabulous lifestyle and often has to foot the bill for dates with Struggling Writer Nick, a sexy but perpetually strapped-­for-­cash guy she's dating (no commitments – really). So when Ed, Britain's wealthiest but stodgiest bachelor, enters the picture, her idea of the fairy tale romance is turned on it's head. is the tale of her heartfelt but hilarious deliberation, irresistibly chronicled by bestselling author Jane Green. On one hand, Nick makes up for his low bank-­account balance by his performance in the sack, or in the bathtub, as the case may be. But life with him means little more than nightly trips to the bar, a dark and grungy apartment, and plenty of dull political tirades to boot. But those blue eyes, and that tender heart... On the other hand, there's Ed, whose luxurious house and gargantuan bank account are quite tempting to the . . .

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Catherine Warner and Simon Nelson are best friends: total opposites, always together, and both unlucky in love. Cath is scatterbrained, messy, and–since she had her heart broken a few years back–emotionally closed off. Si is impossibly tidy, bitchy, and desperate for a man of his own. They live in London’s West Hampstead along with their lifelong friends, Josh and Lucy, who are happily married with a devil-­spawn child and a terrifying Swedish nanny, Ingrid. All’s well (sort of) until the sudden arrival of a college friend–the stunningly beautiful Portia, who’s known for breaking hearts. Though they’ve grown up and grown apart from Portia, the four friends welcome her back into the fold. But does Portia have a hidden agenda or is she merely looking to reconnect with old friends? Her reappearance soon unleashes a rollicking series of events that tests the foursome’s friendships to the limit and leaves them wondering if a happy ending is in store. Fortunately, Cath has plenty to . . .

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Over the course of twelve novels, Jane Green has established herself as one of the preeminent names in women's fiction. In she weaves a profoundly moving tale that will enthrall both new and old fans. Callie Perry lights up every room she enters, and adores her settled family life in tony Bedford, New York. Steffi is Callie's younger sister. At thirty, she's still a free spirit bouncing between jobs and boyfriends in Manhattan. Their long-­divorced parents, Walter and Honor, share little besides their grown daughters. But when Callie receives a difficult diagnosis, the family will come together for one unforgettable and ultimately life-­changing year.

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The New York Times bestseller and ultimate beach read from the author of Second Chance Nan Powell is a free-­spirited, sixty-­five-­year-­old widow whoÂ's not above skinny-­dipping in her neighborsÂ' pools when theyÂ're away and who dearly loves her Nantucket home. But when she discovers that the money she thought would last forever is dwindling, she realizes she must make drastic changes to save her beloved house. So Nan takes out an ad: Rooms to rent for the summer in a beautiful old Nantucket home with water views and direct access to the beach. Slowly people start moving in to the house, filling it with noise, laughter, and with tears. As the house comes alive again, Nan finds her family and friends expanding. Her son comes home for the summer, and then an unexpected visitor turns all their lives upside down. As she did so masterfully in her New York Times bestseller Second Chance , Jane Green once again proves herself one of the preeminent writers of contemporary womenÂ's fiction.

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This fun but familiar novel from Green (The Other Woman) follows the seemingly perfect lives of two women--­one married with children, one single with a high-­powered job, who wish to see how the other half lives, only to have the misfortune to get what they wish for. When Amber Winslow, a wealthy Connecticut housewife replete with wealthy husband, full-­time nanny and golden retriever, grows tired of her town's vicious social scene, she responds to British magazine Poise!­'s search for a subject to swap lives with one of the magazine's London editors, Vicky Townsley. Serious and successful, Vicky is longing for the husband and children she doesn't have. While both women leave home on a yellow-­brick-­road quest to find the missing piece of their lives, a sense of purpose for Amber, a suitable mate for Vicky, what they find instead is the saccharine obvious: they already have everything they really want. Green's latest, like her more inspired ventures, is hard to put down, thanks to . . .

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