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From bestseller Hannah Howell, a classic love story of a Scottish hero too wild to be tamed and the woman he's destined to set free. . . Pleasance Dunstan is used to silently bearing the cruelties put upon her by her thoughtless family. But nothing can prepare her for the greatest indignity of all: being sold into servitude to a man as wild as Tearlach O'Duine. His untamed ways are whispered of throughout town, and he has set his sights on Pleasance to be more than his servant. He will have her in his bed. Pleasance could escape this fate with a word, but her fierce pride keeps her silent. Instead, she follows her new master to the rough lands where he has made a home and finds a world beyond any she has ever known--­a world of desire. For though he is her captor, only Tearlach can show her how freeing true passion can be. . .­and while her servitude to him will one day end, nothing can stop the binding of their hearts. . . "Howell offers readers another captivating tale.­" -- . . .

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Hidden in the shadowy caves and caverns of the Scottish Highlands, secret vampire clans wage dark battles both deadly and passionate. . .
"Dark Embrace" by Hannah Howell
While searching for his clan's demon Lost Ones, Raibeart MacNachton encounters an ethereal beauty running for her life. The decision to play hero is easy; fighting the urge to ravish the enchanting Una Dunn is more difficult-­especially when Raibeart learns they share a powerful connection.
"The Guardian" by Michele Sinclair
The immortal Dorian vows never to fall in love with a mere human-­until he meets the beguiling, arousing, Moirae Deincourt. She stirs a longing in Dorian that he dares not quench. But when Moirae's life is put in danger, her true nature is revealed-­and the lust that rages between them can no longer be controlled. . .
"A Knight Beyond Black" by Jackie Ivie
Vampire Iain Duncan MacAvee has stepped forward to claim the woman he betrothed years ago-­only to learn that the tempting Lady Tira knows . . .

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There's nothing sexier than a man in a kilt, and in these four timeless tales set in Scotland, New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell takes us into a land of romance and adventure. . . Prepare to meet four heroes as captivating as the Highlands. A dashing laird with an appetite for more than a Scottish beauty's culinary skills. . . a proud lord on a journey of rescue and desire. . . a sensual warrior at the center of one woman's dreams. . . and a handsome but somber Scot whose joy is reawakened by true love. These passionate romances will thrill you, seduce you, and warm your heart. . . "Few authors portray the Scottish highlands as lovingly or colorfully as Hannah Howell.­" -- "Expert storyteller Howell pens another Highland winner.­" --

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Heir to the clan MacFarlane, Ailis was a prize to be bartered by her calculating father, and her wedding to a man she despised seemed inevitableuntil she is abducted by her clan's worst enemy, Alexander MaDubh, a brutally handsome laird with ice in his eyes and hot blood in his veins. Alexander had come riding into Leargan to claim the three children born of a forbidden love between his brother and lovely Ailis' sister. Now, with Ailis herself as his pawn, he can strike at the enemy whose treachery robbed his clan of so much. Her beauty and her fierce temper stir his blood, and vengeance has never been so sinfully sweet. But will a passion they cannot deny be enough to ease the pain and torment of the past? "Few authors portray the Scottish highlands as lovingly or colorfully as Hannah Howell.­" "Expert storyteller Howell pens another Highland winner.­"

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Left a bequest by a woman with rare psychic powers, Eada of Pevensey suddenly finds herself in possession of a box containing a mysterious document. . .­and something even more extraordinary: the gift of second sight. Now she can actually "see" her chilling fate: a Norman invader with sea-­dark eyes riding across the fields to claim her lands. . .­and her love. A reluctant soldier for William the Conquerer, Drogo de Toulon seizes the Pevensey lands as a right of conquest. . .­and meets a woman who defies him at every turn--­and arouses uncontrollable desire. Yet now, as war rages across a divided England, the two lovers must find the bond that joins body and soul. . .­as they chart a course through battle and betrayal that could break their hearts--­or seal their passion for all time. . . "Few authors portray the Scottish highlands as lovingly or colorfully as Hannah Howell.­" -- "Expert storyteller Howell pens another Highland winner.­" --

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The Murrays are back! From New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell comes an all-­new story of the beloved Scottish family and two lovers entangled in a plot against the king. . . Someone would see Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong hang for murder. When her dagger is found buried in the body of one of the king's men there is little room for doubt--­the perpetrator must pay with her life. But Ilsabeth is no killer and only one person can help clear her name: Sir Simon Innes a man so steely and cool that no danger can rattle him. . .­and no woman in distress can sway his heart. Until now. Simon has spent his life searching for truth in a world fraught with deception. But the hauntingly beautiful fugitive seeking his aid affects him so deeply he wonders if he can trust the flawless judgment he has always relied on. For all signs point to Ilsabeth's guilt except one--­the unparalleled desire he feels at her slightest touch. . . Praise for Hannah Howell and her Highland novels. . . "Few . . .

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For Chloe Wherlocke, it all begins with a vision--­a glimpse into the future that foretells a terrible plot against Lord Julian Kenwood and his newborn son. Chloe's psychic gift allows her to save the child from certain death, but the earl remains in grave peril. . . Julian Kenwood knows someone is trying to kill him and he suspects his scheming wife and her lover are behind the plot. But Julian is shocked when Chloe, a captivating, dark-­haired stranger, warns him that sinister forces are indeed at hand--­and exposes a devastating secret that changes his life forever. . . As Chloe reveals her plan to save Julian, neither can deny the attraction that grows each moment they're together. Chloe knows the highborn earl could never love her as she loves him. But when danger strikes closer than ever, Chloe must risk everything--­or lose Julian forever. . .

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Though she has yet to be courted by any man spirited Gillyanne Murray decides the time has come to visit the dower lands gifted to her by her father's kinsmen. She arrives to find the small keep surrounded by three lairds each one vying for her hand…and property. Though resolved to refuse them all the threat of battle on her threshold forces her to boldly choose a suitor: Sir Connor MacEnroy a handsome daring knight of few words. As his wife Gillyanne is stunned by his terse cold distance-­and her own yearning to feel passion in his arms. Now bringing her healing touch to a land and a keep ravaged by treachery and secret enemies she dares to reach out for the one thing she fears she may forever be denied…her husband's closely guarded heart. Praise for Hannah Howell and her Highland novels… "Few authors portray the Scottish highlands as lovingly or colorfully as Hannah Howell. - Publishers Weekly "Expert storyteller Howell pens another Highland winner. - Romantic Times

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Lady Olympia Wherlocke has the gift of foresight. When Lady Agatha Mallam asks Olympia to locate her brother so he can rescue her from an arranged marriage, she knows exactly where to find Lord Brant Mallam, Earl of Fieldgate. What happens next is something she never envisioned… Since his betrothed died, Lord Brant Mallam has drowned his sorrow with wine and women. His dissolute ways have only emboldened his calculating mother. But with the help of the enchanting Olympia, he concocts a daring plan to end his mother’s devious designs for his sister. While each step in their bold scheme works to perfection, the sins of the past could unravel a growing desire that neither Olympia or Brant can control…

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