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Infamous playboy Orion Moralis believes in lust, not marriage—until, with one innocent sigh, the daughter of a business rival turns his world on its head. Selina Taylor is achingly pure and, as he captures her lips, Orion knows he must possess her! But their marriage is short-­lived.­…Six years since Selina was removed from the marriage bed, she's older and definitely wiser when it comes to seductive, powerful men. But trapped on Orion's luxury yacht, she finds memories of the past returning to haunt her—with the bad comes the oh-­so-­good—and soon she can't resist the sensual pull between them.­…

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Eloise had fallen in love with powerful Greek tycoon Marcus Kouvaris. Now, years later, Marcus holds her responsible for defrauding his uncle...­and he's come to get his revenge!­Actually, Eloise had nothing to do with the fraud--­but with all the evidence against her, she is powerless to stop Marcus carrying out his plan. Marcus insists that to pay her debt she must live with him for a year. There's plenty of passion--­but can Eloise persuade Marcus that she's innocent, and claim his love?

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A wife--­in every sense...

Solo Maffeiano owns half of Penny's family home, yet she needs to pay off debts left by her late father. She has no choice but to agree to Solo's offer: he will pay the debts, restore the dilapidated mansion, where they will live--­if Penny becomes his wife! She will be his wife, bought and paid for--­and he wants a wife in every sense of the word. Penny knows she's still in love with Solo--­but isn't their marriage just a sham?

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Snared?­Saffron would always remember Eve's last message to her--­and when she came face-­to-­face with Alex Statis she realized he was the man who had caused her best friend's downfall. She had to keep working for Alex's mother and therefore face the force of Alex's attraction to her head-­on, but an idea was starting to form!­Their sheer physical desire was the one weapon Saffron had against Alex. If she could push him so near the edge that he would agree to marry her...­she could at last have sweet revenge!­"Emotionally power-­packed.... Jacqueline Baird burns up the pages.­"
--­Romantic Times

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