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Rebecca has no one to blame for submitting to a wealthy billionaire's breeding desires. No one, that is, except herself. He's promised her millions for one year of total slavery, far more than the out of place woman could ever hope for.
What she doesn't know is that Aaron Westfield is more than just an impregnation obsessed monster. Her rough start in his personal dungeon quickly changes when he takes her out one evening, bathing her in the opulence that only high class wealth brings.
Soon, Westfield isn't just her Master in name only. Rebecca is shocked to find herself craving this man and his many secrets. Breeding his heir promises her more than marvelous wealth. It hints at wonders that will drive her freely into his arms, and secrets that will chill her blood.
This story contains uncensored scenes of sultry domination, impregnation sex, and passionate intrigue. An erotic romance novelette of over 8,­500 words.
Visions flashed before her eyes. . . .

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Sherry Carter's move to a new city after college hasn't been easy. She's struggling to settle into the rat race, but nothing is worse than a malfunctioning sex drive. Since her relocation, she hasn't been able to find the sweet release she craves. Enter Doctor Jason Noyes. The handsome physician is just the man to treat her. A well respected specialist in female climactic disorder, Noyes is eager to render assistance to such a beautiful young woman ? especially one at her peak fertility. The doctor's spine tingling therapies come at a steep price. Unknown to Sherry, he has big plans for her. Noyes won't stop until she's bred with his child, binding her heart and womb to him in permanent submission. Warning! This book contains mature content and is only intended for adult readers. ?­Doctor Noyes...­I want you in me,? she whispered. Her face froze and her eyelids fluttered open. Now, the device slammed into her forcefully, making her gush with wetness and longing. She wasn't sure if . . .

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Clara's been watching the handsome stranger in her diner. When she gives into an insane urge to make her presence known, he spirits her away to his ranch, where destiny takes an unexpected turn. Harsh control and toe curling pleasure are what Royce does best. The little waitress he shackles in his barn has no idea what awaits her. To earn his love, her domination must be complete. Life at Royce's ranch is the fast track to becoming his property for breeding, milking, and unfathomable delights... Warning! This book contains mature content and is only intended for adult readers. “I need an heir, Clara, but that isn't all. I want your milk too – your glorious, smooth essence – flowing into me, long after I've shot my seed deep inside you. Your devotion must be, and I expect regular worship. Everything you can offer is mine.­” Clara flinches and her eyes flutter. His words have a strange beauty, though they're so alien to everything she knows about love and relationships. “Can you do . . .

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Kim is cold, lost, and prickly with lust when she finds his cabin. Her trip to the woods wasn't supposed to end like this, but the huge woodsman who takes her in promises a far more pleasurable retreat than anything she's imagined. Strapping lumberjack Paul Frosen can't believe his good luck. The young fertile woman who finds her way to his cabin is a miracle in a place where women are scarce. Now, he'll do whatever it takes to bind her heart and body to him forever. The forest is full of dangers – and not just hungry animals. Outside, he'll protect her. Inside, he's going to use his biggest tool to split her open, spill his sap, and plant his seed deep inside her. Warning! This book contains mature content and is only intended for adult readers. Her breath spits out in fast waves as he moves up her neck. When he reaches her chin, his vast palm spreads out, cupping it and clenching her small jaw in his fingers. “I know what you're feeling right now. Do you really think you . . .

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Hot wife Elizabeth and her cuckold husband are woefully unprepared to take on her first black lover. But desire has its own momentum, and soon Elizabeth discovers how deeply addictive dominant black studs really are. And it doesn't stop there. For wealthy Elizabeth, addiction rapidly evolves into a seething obsession. One African lover is hardly enough. With wanton lusts rising, it'll take several hard men to satisfy this neglected wife and teach pathetic hubby his place... Warning! This book contains mature content and is only intended for adult readers.

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River Wilder's contract with the King is simple: five million dollars for two years of her life and total surrender to his carnal needs. Easy money, right? That's what River thinks, before the handsome monarch reveals a deeper purpose for his new submissive.

King Lukos needs an heir, and convincing River is the easy part. But old rivalries and his warming heart promises happiness or disaster...

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What could be more delightful than little white wives pressed up against hunky black bulls as their husbands watch? Not much, in Arthur Mitchell's world, unless you add in bareback sex and pregnancy risk. This collection includes five of Mitchell's hottest interracial cuckolding stories bundled together for the first time, including a previously unpublished cuckold fantasy, "Club Dark Afrika.­"

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