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Was Maria Johnson a pampered princess who relied on her good looks and her daddy's money? You betcha! But when her father cut off her funds and ordered her to become an executive assistant at his firm, Maria was forced to make her new position work. Until she met her new boss--­the gorgeous man who'd broken her heart four years ago. How was she supposed to work with David Hunt? Not with--­for, David kept reminding her. He was back in Maria's life for one reason only, R-­E-­V-­E-­N-­G-­E! And he knew the sweetest way to get it, too...

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A Dirty Little Secret? Sex therapist Dr. Simone Beaupre is living large. Her popular dating-­and-­advice column, 'Just About Sex,­' has made her the toast of Cincinnati. And that's not all. Her column is about to go national. A 'phat' syndication deal is in the works. But Simone's big-­time future teeters on the brink of disaster, when an obnoxious lawyer threatens to expose her. At thirty-­four years young, Simone is still a virgin? Prominent attorney Alex Greene is on a crusade to 'out' Dr. Simone as the fraud he believes she is, until he meets the good doctor in person. Then his campaign turns from prosecution to one of sizzling seduction.

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A woman driven to know the truth. . . Criminal defense attorney Amara Clarke can't help but be hot and bothered by the handsome enigmatic new cook at her local diner--­and his seeming dislike of her. Until she finds herself in a dangerous situation--­and the mysterious Jack Parker comes to her aid. . . .­The man who'll do anything to protect her. Amara doesn't know that Jack is a DEA agent evading death threats from a powerful drug lord. The last thing he wants is to endanger her by letting her get too close. But when fate puts her in his path Jack's cover is blown wide open. Soon he and Amara are on the run--­but they can't escape the smoldering chemistry between them. To keep Amara out of harm's way Jack will have to take drastic measures--­even if it means shattering her fragile heart. . . Praise for the novels of Ann Christopher "Trouble is a sultry romance...­" --­The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers "A brilliant and tasteful novel about love tragedy heartbreak and forgiveness.­" -- Romantic . . .

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After Jillian Warner's much-­publicized divorce from her ex-­governor husband, Beau Taylor, all she wants is a quiet life-- of the political spotlight. And quiet it is: the heiress and single mom runs a quaint B and B in Atlanta. But Beau is back, vowing to win her heart. With desire reigniting, Jillian's more confused than ever. Her seductive ex betrayed her once. How can she ever trust him again? A near-­fatal accident has changed Beau in ways he never imagined. Now his number-­one priority is becoming the devoted husband and father he knows he always should have been. He's determined to atone for the sins of the past and build a new future with the woman he's never stopped loving. Beau wants Jillian--­and this time he's doing it right.

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One look will seal his fate...­Handsome. Ambitious. Uncompromising. Criminal defense attorney Mike Baldwin values three things above all else: his fledgling law firm, his family and his integrity. A born protector with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he'll do anything for the ones he loves, especially his wayward younger brother, Sean. Mike's life is focused and simple—­exactly the way he likes it—­until the day beautiful Dara Williams walks into his life, making his carefully ordered existence spin out of control and forcing him to question everything he believes about himself.­One woman will steal his heart...­Once burned and twice shy in love, Dara plans to study hard and graduate at the top of her law school class. Sean's romantic overtures don't tempt her. But Sean's brother Mike is her new boss, and his piercing gaze and brooding presence are infinitely harder to resist.

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Terror And Survival Of The Fittest In A World Surrounded By Water And Monsters. First Book In The Bella Monstrum Young Adult Horror Trilogy By Renowned Author... Ann ChristopherWhen Bria Hunter and her high school classmates hop a flight home from their spring break in the Bahamas, they have no idea that their plane will crash into the ocean in a most bizarre and terrifying way. This is just the beginning of the horrors that await them in the Bermuda Triangle...­Plucked from the water only to realize that their rescue ship is more treacherous than the open sea, they will gain an unlikely ally in the captain's son, Cortes. Waging a desperate war for survival, they will battle an unspeakable creature spawned from the ocean's darkest abyss— a devious monster determined to massacre them, one by one.­With escape impossible, rescue unlikely and time running out, Bria and the others must make a last stand against this perfect killing machine...

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