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Photography has been a passion, as has travel, for Michael S. Lewis M.­D. for 30 years. The result is One World: a View of Seven Continents.
Comprised of 234 magnificent full-­color photographs, this book draws viewers into a world of exotic and ordinary places, architectural wonders, vast and small landscapes, people and animals – on land and under the sea.
Each photograph is accompanied by a quotation – sometimes inspiring, sometimes humorous. Always, the juxtaposition of the quote and the photograph is striking. The majority of the images also have a commentary from the author. This contributes to a deeper understanding of each photograph and helps us to better understand our connection to one another. We realize we are all notes in the same grand symphony.
After traveling the world and creating images of his experiences, Dr. Lewis wanted to enable those without sight to view their own surroundings. He is, therefore, donating all of the profits from this book to the Himalayan . . .

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