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Elizabeth finds solace and companionship by sharing her Victorian home with Angus, a benevolent hundred-­year-­old ghost. A stranger, Duncan, seeks her out, claiming to be searching for the apparition who murdered his wife. Duncan, with the aid of gruesome photos and Angus’s diary, makes Elizabeth suspect she may be living with an evil presence.
Angus, a nebulous force, finds he must now make himself known in more substantial ways as he tries to convince Elizabeth Duncan is lying. He twists her compassion and friendship into a sexual love that threatens to turn into obsession.
Duncan also seeks Elizabeth’s heart and uses every sensual skill at his mortal disposal to steal her love and loyalty, and persuade her to allow an exorcism that would vanquish Angus.
Elizabeth finds herself spinning into a vortex of love and lust, lies and deceit. She desires them both, even though Duncan may not be the man he claims to be, and Angus may be a spiritual serial murderer. Elizabeth is . . .

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