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Genre: Romance with paranormal elements.
Book Two in the Firefly Hollow Series. When Zanny Franks Campbell walks in on her husband kissing another woman, she’s devastated but not surprised. She’s known something was wrong for a while but hasn’t had the courage to find out what. Now the ugly truth is coming out, and she isn’t sure she believes John’s protestations of innocence, no matter how much she wants to. John hates himself for hurting Zanny. Even though the situation she walked in on wasn’t what it appeared to be, no matter how hard he tries to convince her he still wants to be married, she isn’t listening. She knows he hasn’t been fully honest with her about the intimate problems they’re facing, and until he is, the wounds between them will never heal. With both of them hurting, finding middle ground where they can work things out turns into a struggle Zanny isn’t sure she’s able to fight. And unless John comes clean and tells her what he’s hiding, moving forward just . . .

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The baby of the family, Daddy’s little girl… a lonely woman who deeply,
desperately longed to be loved. Amelia Campbell was all that and so much
more. A natural Cupid, she’d paired up several couples through the
years. The only person she couldn’t seem to find a mate for was herself.
Until he came along… the last person in the world she should fall for.

Gibson was as far from Amelia in life experiences as he could be.
Battle-­scarred and life-­hardened, he was having trouble reconciling
himself to life as a civilian. He’d seen too much of the dark side of
people to believe in what she represented, and he just wanted to be left
alone. Instead, he found himself returning to her time and again.

was well aware he’d never choose someone like her. Logan knew she was
too young, too innocent for him. But despite that knowledge, they were
drawn to each other. When danger rears its ugly head, it takes both of
them to figure out a way to protect her, and when . . .

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Genre: Romance with paranormal elements.
Book Three in the Firefly Hollow series. When Ben Campbell returns home to Hazard, Kentucky after a five-­year absence, the last person he's expecting to run into is the girl who broke his heart - the girl who left town and married someone else. He's done his best to move on, but he knows he's only been going through the motions of living. Determined to exorcise Ainsley’s ghost, he approaches the young widow with an offer for a steamy liaison to do just that. Ainsley Brewer Scott carries a lot of weight on her shoulders, weight that’s left deep emotional and physical scars. Her dreams of an everlasting love with Ben were dashed thoroughly, thanks to her malicious and conniving mother. Back in town to wrap up the old woman's estate, Ainsley's world is turned upside down when she sees Ben. And when he propositions her, he lights a match to her temper that flames into a burning attraction just as strong as what they shared years earlier. When . . .

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After a cutting betrayal by the father of her child, Emma Campbell swore off men. Convinced she’d never find the kind of love her parents had, Emma devoted her life to raising her daughter and building her business. Surrounded by a close-­knit family who loved her, she ignored her loneliness. Until the day family friend Archer Gibson kissed her. Archer had been in love with Emma since the first day he'd laid eyes on her five years ago. He'd never acted on that love, not feeling worthy of Emma's attention, but now that he'd made some changes in his life, he was ready to go after what he wanted most--­a place in her life and in her heart. His biggest obstacle? Convincing Emma they both deserved a chance at happiness. "Cattail Ridge" is the fourth book in the "Firefly Hollow" series. Other titles include "Firefly Hollow,­" “Butterfly Lane,­” "Dragonfly Creek,­" and "Cricket Cove.­" Set in Appalachia, the series follows the Campbell family from generation to generation. Also available from . . .

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