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Forced Wife, Royal Love-­Child by Trish Morey
Sienna Wainwright has one passionate night with international financier Rafe Lombardi before he unceremoniously casts her out of his bed. Now she hopes never to see his face again. But six weeks later their world changes forever
Valente's Baby by Maxine Sullivan
For Matthew Valente, paternity trumped everything. Never mind that his ex-­employee, Lana Jensen, had kept his baby a secret for nearly a year. Never mind that he considered her a liar and a thief. Their child would bear the Valente nameand so would she.
The Boss's Christmas Seduction by Yvonne Lindsay
Holly Christmas had secretly pined for Connor Knight craving just one evening of passion with the elusive millionaire. So when Connor sought a few hours of solace in his virgin secretary's arms, Holly readily succumbed
The Executive's Surprise Baby by Catherine Mann
For Brooke Garrison, telling her family she was unwed and pregnant had been tough. So how could she tell them the . . .

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Books of The #1 Bestsellers Collection 2011