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A major new examination of how J.­R.­R.­Tolkien came to write his original masterpiece ?­The Hobbit?, including his complete unpublished draft version of the story, and many little-­known illustrations and previously unpublished maps by Tolkien himself. For the first time in one volume, The History of the Hobbit presents the complete unpublished text of the original manuscript of J.­R.­R.­Tolkien?­s The Hobbit, accompanied by John Rateliff's lively and informative account of how the book came to be written and published. As well as recording the numerous changes made to the story both before and after publication, it examines ? chapter-­by-­chapter ? why those changes were made and how they reflect Tolkien's ever-­growing concept of Middle-­earth. The Hobbit was first published on 21 September 1937. Like its successor, The Lord of the Rings, it is a story that "grew in the telling", and many characters and story threads in the published text are completely different from what Tolkien first...

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