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I never thought a rock star would want to show me his instrument. On my first date with Kai Jackson, the lead singer and guitarist of the Heartbreakers, I thought he was an ass. Arrogant, self-­centered, and chauvinistic. I couldn't stand him. When he asked for another shot, I laughed at the idea—until I stupidly gave in. When he leaves his rock-­star persona behind and shows me the real him, I find myself falling for him, and I’m scared. A former addict, he isn't exactly the type of guy you take home to your parents, and I wasn't sure I wanted to take that risk. But when you meet a guy who makes your heart skip a beat, all bets are off. That is, until a life-­changing event blackens Kai, and his old vices become new realities that rip the fabric of our relationship. Shattered after visiting him on tour in Paris, I retreat to my home in Los Angeles, wishing I’d never met him. He goes to rehab, determined, convinced he'll get clean and win me back, but I'm not sure I can ever let my . . .

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