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It was an age of great rebellion, of a sweeping call to freedom, and a
war that had to be. And no two people belonged to their age more than
Katherine Devereaux and Captain Matthew Hampton -- the cool Union beauty
and the dashing Confederate Captain who had the audacity to abduct her.
From the wartime shipyards of Boston, to the locked cabin of a great
clipper ship, to Liverpool and white slavery, and back to the cotillions
of New York -- their stormy romance sweeps across a world at war and
blazes with the conflicts of an era!

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The book Lisa Gregory fans have been waiting ten years for! The sequel to the beloved The Rainbow Season, this is a poignant, powerful story of the Turner family of 19th-­century Texas. SHE WOULD BE HIS... ALWAYS AND FOREVERBeautiful Julia Dobson had known love years ago. And it had broken her heart. Now she was back in the little frontier town of her childhood, living in her brother Luke Turner's house, a stranger to the happiness he had with his wrfe, Sarah. For while Sarah's love had redeemed Luke from a wild, lawless past. Julia still burned with shame at being born a Turner, a pretty rag doll of a girl from a tarpaper shack.,.­a girl not good enough for Dr. Banks' handsome son James to marry.­Yet in this tiny Texas town Julia could not avoid James for long. And when their eyes met, desire washed over her just as it had before. She knew some things never change, that he could never marry a lowborn woman like her. But she couldn't forget her dream of a love that comes once in a . . .

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