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The Timber Valley pack has a terrible reputation. Word is their males are dominant, kinky, and possessive – and Josephine’s best friend from college is being forced to marry one? No way! Curvy wolf shifter Josephine Southpaw’s got the perfect solution. Using a magic charm, she’ll disguise herself as the slender, beautiful Camille on her wedding day – while Camille hightails it out of town with the wolf she really loves. Of course, the Alpha will ditch Josephine the second he gets her back to the wedding suite and sees what his chubby bride really looks like. What could possibly go wrong? Well, for starters, Alpha Maxwell Battle is smokin’ hot. And he takes one look at Josephine and vows to never let her go – but he’s going to punish her for her trickery in deliciously sexy ways. And finally, Josephine’s friends keep staging well-­intentioned rescue attempts, but she’s no longer sure she wants to be rescued. But Josephine’s not the only one with secrets. It soon becomes very clear . . .

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Chloe Novak may be the world’s clumsiest cat shifter; in fact, she’s the only panther she’s ever heard of that doesn’t land on its feet. She may hide her looks behind her glasses, lumpy cardigans, and stacks of books. However, she’s got her beautifully creaky old house and her university job, and she’s content…until billionaire panther shifter Kenneth Chamberlin strides through her office door with an offer she literally can’t refuse, if she ever wants to see her grandmother alive again. The problem is, the Chamberlin family are the ones who ruined her family’s life and reputation – and the sinfully handsome Kenneth makes her tingle in all the right places. How can she work with him in close quarters and keep her heart and her sanity intact?

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Wolf shifter Jax Mackenzie has never been accused of being a nice guy – but being nice doesn’t get the job done. A wolf without a pack, he works the most dangerous assignments doled out by a private security company – and his latest case is a real killer. A fatal Rage virus is spreading among the members of an elite BDSM club, and Jax is determined to get to the bottom of the case.  To get what he wants, he’ll ruthlessly use his supernatural strength, his wealthy connections, and Bobbi, the beautiful coyote shifter who’s following him for reasons of her own. But the coyote is his fated mate – and possibly his mortal enemy. Now it’s not just Jax’s heart that’s at risk – it’s his life.

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Pixie Montana is a reformed (mostly) thief and a hustler. Dominick is the sexy lion shifter who’s been voted “most likely to bite Pixie’s head off – literally”. And the two of them are Shifters, Inc.­’s, only hope. A mysterious intruder has infected the staff of Shifters, Inc. with a deadly plague, and his price for the cure is a mysterious jewel known as The Bloodstone – a jewel that’s impossible to steal, because it kills all those who touch it. If Pixie doesn’t return with the jewel in 3 days, every one of her friends will die. Pixie and Dominick must set aside their differences and battle their strange, growing attraction to each other, or demons from both of their pasts will derail their mission and put all of their lives at risk.

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Curvy news reporter Frankie Alexander had heard all the warnings about life in New York City, but unfortunately, her parents left out the one about avoiding sexy, infuriating vampires. It’s too late now…she’s craving blood, sizzling when sunlight touches her, and yearning for the kisses of Nicholas Hamilton, the sexiest 300-­year-­old she’s ever seen.
The good news: she’ll never die, as long as she can avoid sunlight, stakes, and silver. Also, Nicholas wants to claim her as his Eternal Consort, and vampire sex is multi-­orgasmic and beyond hot. The bad news: her Turning was illegal, and not only that, she’s a weird super-­freak of a vampire, with powers so great that the Old Ones are considering issuing a Kill On Sight order. Her only hope of survival is to solve the mystery of her Turning. To do that, she’ll have to rely on her rag-­tag group of friends and on Nicholas…but it’s heartbreakingly clear that she can never trust him, because he’s got a hidden agenda all his own.

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