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Set in London, 1815
After a chance encounter with the flirtatious, Lord Stratton, Priscilla Hawthorn tells herself that she hopes to never see him again. But when her cousin Mary comes to her and begs that she retrieve several compromising letters that she wrote to Stratton when she was just fifteen, Priscilla agrees to try. Forced into his company, she struggles with the growing desire she feels for him and an unknown enemy's determination to keep them apart.
Lord Stratton has come to London to escort his youngest sister, Lady Cecelia, for the Season. The prospect of dealing with his Aunt Mirabella and her horde of annoying little dogs who have thrown the house in turmoil, and mediating the constant arguments between his aunt and sister over a suitable debutante's wardrobe, makes the next few months seem bleak. His mood brightens considerably when a beautiful young lady appears in his garden holding one of his aunt's ridiculous little dogs. He's immediately smitten, but she's . . .

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Cecelia never expected to marry the biggest rake in London, but she's determined to turn her hasty marriage to the Marquis of Clarendon into a love match. Her plans go awry when a mysterious, French stranger, robbed of his memory after a savage beating, comes to stay with them at the Clarendon Estate. He has fallen desperately in love with her, and will do anything, including murder, to have her.

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When Priscilla Hawthorne appears in Lord Stratton's garden holding one of his aunt's ridiculous little dogs, the viscount is immediately smitten. Unaware of the secret she's harboring, he sets out to make her his wife. After she refuses his proposal of marriage, his only hope is that if his love won't convince her, perhaps the passion-­filled nights they spend together will.

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