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Nightmares, love triangles, and saving people from a serial killer whose hobby is making shrunken heads from his victims. It should all be a nightmare, right? Not for Rita. No matter how hard she may try there is no relief from the killer Red. Blood will be shed as Red is determined to woo her into his maniacal ways and those who know her end up dead, missing, or worse.

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For Julie, her college experience consisted of a conflicting duality: her hilarious, inseparable friendship with Kaytie and her obsessive lust for Matt. After a man breaks into Julie's home and attempts to rape her, the fantasies of her oblivion tangle with reality. No one is as she thinks, including her best friend. When Julie makes a shocking revelation, she struggles with a life-­altering decision, one that exposes her vulnerability and true self. This courageous and candid memoir marks the debut of a writer whose reflection demonstrates how seemingly insignificant details of our lives can dramatically impact our future selves. It's a story about letting go of regret, appreciating our past, forgiving our faults, and embracing our authenticity. The Flutter of Butterfly Wings reminds us that life offers us infinite paths, and we can never know when or how our choices alter future existence.

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