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The story revolves around Bertha and Sean, two step brother, step sister people who feel extremely attracted to each other in a way that they can’t explain. One weekend their parents go on a trip, and it turns out into the hottest weekend of their lives as Sean breaks her virginity in a wild sex scene. Total Count-­5000 Words.

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Simon and Lena were always feeling the sexual tension between themselves. They were conservative people so they tried their best to ignore this. But it was impossible to do so. Therefore, because they thought it awkward since she was his step-­daughter and he was her step-­father, they made compromises among themselves and that is they promised each other that they will never have sex.­(4000 words)

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No one could resist The Red Woman. After all, red… is the color of desire.

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Shelly is such a petite young girl with a protective older step-­brother. Is Shelly’s step-­brother too protective that he’s the only one to take control of her hot, wet juicing pussy? Shelly comes to realise there no better sex that a step-­brother violation.

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Big-­breasted Cindy’s drunken mom has taken home a real prize from Vegas this time! The only question is, will she have to share her winnings with Cindy? Her new husband has learned that those big, round tits of Cindy’s lactate when she cums. He watched it happen, and now he can’t get it out of his head, not that he wants to forget something that hot. Total Count-­5900 words Adults Only(18+)

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It was Christmas break, and Beth was home from college enjoying her time off. The only downside was that her stepbrother, Nate, was there, too. As they are arguing, Nate kisses her, and they realize that all their fighting has been sexual tension. They end up spending the rest of vacation tasting and fucking each other, bonding over the great sex they never knew was possible. Total-­4200 words

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Drew falls in love with a woman who is his neighbor, and also married. He approaches her and discovers that she feels the same about him. He gets her pregnant and makes love to her after she gives birth, sucking on her breasts.

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When Lilly, Sandy’s daughter is introduced to Harry, things start to take it on a wrong path. She is her mother’s younger version when it comes to the looks, but she is nothing like her when it comes to sex and partners. Rather innocent, she does have her kinky side as well, but she is far less experienced than her mother. Still, this odd blend of cute and sexy attracts the protective(5100 words)

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Anne was a very loving 30 year old stepmother to 18 year old Jasper, whose dad Clint, was always on business trips around the world. As the two enjoyed each other's company, the young man has developed lustful desires to his pretty stepmother. His desires were justified as he and Anne got sexually spellbound one night. Anne found her stepson so sexy to make love with and their affair went on in..

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Larry didn’t believe that his old father,­Fred could make such a wonderful catch,­but he did.­Fred was in his sixties and managed to hook up with a hot twenty year old Mexican. But this was just music to Larry’s ears since he knew that him being single he was going to have to tap that sexy thing when his billionaire dad wasn’t looking and that was when he started seducing her and finally got to fuck

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