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Series : Book 1 of "Power Surge The Billionaire Club "
Nash and Riker blame themselves for their lover’s death after losing her during an investigation. Now retired Federal Agents and entrepreneurs, they’re billionaires, and their club is turning into a dive. They try to fill their empty hearts with money, women, and even alcohol, but it’s no use, they can’t let go of the past.

Chastity Malone is hired to help Riker and Nash Riley, two sexy twins with attitude. She’s reserved and untrusting, with a past and heartache of her own. By coincidence, their pasts collide, bringing them trouble and testing their fate in one another.

Chastity is threatened and assaulted. She is submerged in a web of lies by coincidence.

Riker and Nate must forget about the past and filter through the lies to save the one woman that completes them. But they didn’t count on one obsessed ex lover, an unsolved case, challenges to their faith, and a woman so strong, so determined to prove her innocence, . . .

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