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Get your staff to share your vision, support you and understand the importance of what they do, regardless of their role. Help them to work in harmony, be positive, stay motivated, embrace responsibility for their actions and above all, be loyal to your company. This book has not been written to impress you but to provide you with a phenomenal, tested, finely-­tuned and years-­proven complete and quite infallible method of spotting and evolving raw, natural people-­talent into a superstardom that becomes the inner driving force of your organisation's extraordinary success. I'll tell you: there is no other way of achieving unusually high success without superstar-­staff driving your dream and efforts to actuality. Adapt what you discover here as needed for your own particular enterprise, certainly, but never change the principles revealed anymore than you would change the principles of flight and still expect to stay in the air. Without wasting another minute dive into this important . . .

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