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A sexy 25 yr old female has her first sexual experience with 4 hung studs (11-­14 inches!­) at an out-­of-­control pool party. She becomes obsessed with Overly-­Endowed men and seeks out the biggest cock in the world. Find out what happens to Brittany in this hardcore XXX short story. Adults Only! Explicit Content! Themes: MMF, Fetish, Busty, Hung, XXX, Oral

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"Gangbang Slut" is a very explicit, XXX story featuring a bikini model and fitness champion named Carmen. Her life completely changes when she goes to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and participates in one extreme sexual encounter after another. Back alley sex, bathroom sex, crazy wet t-­shirt contests and public sex are just some of the things that happen to Carmen at Mardi Gras. The story climaxes with a hardcore gangbang with 25 college guys. The guys are super-­hung and Carmen is stunning with her 34DD breasts. Absolutely one of the most explicit erotica books available anywhere! Over 22,­000 words. Very explicit. Adults Only. Themes: MMMF, Gangbang, Multiple Partners, Busty Females, Bukkake, Rough Sex, Double-­Penetration, Female vs. Female Strap-­On Sex, Hugely-­Endowed Males, Oral Sex, Anal Sex.

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The "Ultimate Hardcore Gangbang Collection" contains 4 Incredibly Hot Gangbang Stories for one Low Bargain Price! Quality Erotic Fiction with a Hard Edge. The stories are told in very descriptive, explicit detail and are intended for Mature Audiences Only! 61,­250 words. Story #1: Hardcore Interracial Gangbang Story #2: Big Cock Gangbang Squad Story #3: Big Cock Gangbang Squad (Spring Break Invasion!­) Story #4: Gangbang Slut! Themes: Interracial Sex, Gangbang, Rough Sex, Anal, Oral, MMF, Multiple Partners, Verbal Humiliation, Hung, Busty Females, Control, Submission, BDSM, Female vs. Female Strap-­On Sex, Bukkake, Spring Break, Wet T-­Shirt, Thong Bikini, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Mardi Gras, Casual Sex and much more! Explicit Content!

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Three extremely hung friends gangbang a 19 yr old petite asian, a busty latin fitness babe, and a sexy wife. Not for the easily offended! Adults Only (explicit content)! Themes: Gangbang, Multiple Partners, Hung, Rough Sex, BDSM, Humiliation, MMF, Control, Busty, Submission, Overly-­Endowed, Strap-­On (female-­female).

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Cindy is a 21 year old former gymnast and cheerleader with an incredible body! She has 34D natural breasts, blond hair and a perfectly toned body. Follow along as Cindy recounts her X-­Rated sexual escapades which include stripping, performing at bachelor parties and finally being roughly gangbanged by massively-­hung black men. This story is very descriptive and contains extremely explicit sex scenes. Adults Only! Themes: Interracial Sex, Gangbang Sex, MMF, Multiple Partners, Rough Sex, Oral and Anal Sex, Busty Females, Hugely-­Endowed Males and Submission.

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6 Explicit Titles!

1. Hardcore Interracial Gangbang
2. Big Cock Gangbang Squad
3. BIG Cock Gangbang Squad (Spring Break Invasion)
4. Stretched To The Max!
5. Gangbang Slut!
6. Humiliated! Brutal Female Oil Wrestling

Themes: Gangbang, Busty, Hung, Rough Sex, MMF, Submission, Humiliation, Multiple Partners, Female Wrestling, Voyeurism, Explicit, Hardcore.

Adults Omly!

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A stunning 22 year old blonde beauty gets introduced to the world of Bikini and Topless Oil Wrestling. Tiffany and her 34D breasts get humiliated and brutalized in 3 different matches by a hot Asian, a beautiful fitness model and a petite black babe. It is an absolute must-­read for fans of Female Wrestling and Public Humiliation! If you like it when one opponent gets the upper-­hand and spends most of the match destroying her helpless opponent, then this is the book for you! Very Explicit Content. Adults Only! Themes: Slapping, Spanking, Public Humiliation, Submission, Backbreakers, Gut Punches, Breast Punches, Crotch Kicks, Vibrators, Fondling and Female vs. Female Strap-­On Sex.

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A stunned husband describes how a beach vacation ends up in a rough gangbang with his gorgeous wife as the star attraction! Although recently married, nothing will stop the young, super-­sexy wife from exploring her darkest sexual fantasies with other men. Prior to getting gangbanged, the young wife participates in explicit sexual encounters with total strangers. This XXX short story contains over 6,­000 words. Hardcore Content. Adults Only! Themes: Rough Sex, Gangbang Sex, Hotwife, Cuckold, Busty Females, Overly-­Endowed Males, MMF, Multiple Partners, Casual Sex.

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The Big Cock Gangbang Squad is back! See what happens when a trio of Hung studs invade Spring Break. The “Miss Spring Break” bikini contest winner gets gangbanged hard! Find out which other sexy babes get mercilessly pounded in this XXX story! Adults Only!

Themes: Gangbang, Multiple Partners, MMMF, Busty Females, Hugely-­Endowed Males, Bukkake, Rough Sex, Spring Break, Anal Sex, Oral Sex.

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A sexy young female has an unplanned XXX encounter in the ghetto with a hung black stud. Next, she submits to an extremely rough gangbang in the ghetto with a group of hugely-­endowed men (11-­17 inches!­). Find out what happens to Brittany in this hardcore, XXX story. Mature Audiences Only! Themes: MMF, Multiple Partners, Rough Sex, Fisting, Oral, Anal, Bukkake, DP, Busty, Hugely-­Endowed Males.

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