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In this erotic short story a young college student who took a vow of celibacy for the semester returns home from college to visit with her parents. Her parent’s criticize her for her grades and all she wants is a little respect from them and to get laid while home on break.

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As this erotic short story starts another long chaotic day of work was not what Gregg had in mind. He told himself to take the day off and go hiking, far away outside the city. When he came across a tiny dirt road, he soon discovered a great spot to go hiking. Gregg was an explorer, but today’s exploration would be unlike any other.

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“My Sex Education” is written in 4 parts. Each part takes the reader into a different segment of Victoria’s sex education one exciting, pulsating experiment at a time.

Make sure you read all the stories so you don’t miss any of her adventures.

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This is a six pack collection of Erotic Short Stories Volume 1 by Ashley James. This collection of erotica includes, Free to Love, Sensual Friends, The Forbidden Incident, A Three Way with Rope, Sands of Lust and Dad's Best Friend. Ashley has t...

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