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The Wives of Beverly Row 5: Lust Has a New Address
Abby Weeks


Title: The Wives of Beverly Row 5: Lust Has a New Address

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ISBN: 9781927947357

Desperate Housewives but hotter. Sex and the City with more sex.

In this installment, things come to a breaking point for Zola. Jake allows his friends to use her in ways that she can no longer live with, and she goes to Ariel for help. Ariel and Zola begin to put together a plan that will put Jake in his place and show him once and for all that he can't treat Zola this way.

Things also move forward for Veronica, who finally makes a move with Matt, despite the repercussions she knows it will lead to for her marriage.

Becky and Kyle agree that they need to take things a little slower.

Trudy learns that there are more important things in life than attracting men, and wants to help Zola get even with Jake.

This is the second last installment in this exciting series, and begins the buildup to the dramatic climax to come! Read it if you dare!!

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