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The Bikini Prophecy: A story that proves love is not only blind ... it's stupid as well.
Matthew Kyler


Title: The Bikini Prophecy: A story that proves love is not only blind ... it's stupid as well.

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“There’s a secret to becoming a success as a man. I don’t have a clue what it is but I’m sure it has something to do with

earning shit loads of cash, screwing countless women, acting tough as fuck and, well… generally not being a soft cock

when it comes to falling in love. Sadly, I’ve been a failure in all of the above. ”

When thirty-­year-­old Matt Kyler turns his back on a long-­term relationship for a chance at fame, fortune and guilt-­free fornication, he succeeds beyond anyone’s expectations.
But if fortune favors the brave then misfortune is destined for the cowardly Kyler. And soon he finds himself on the wrong side of infatuation. With his perfect new life unraveling, along with his masculinity, he does the unthinkable and seeks guidance from a clairvoyant. The encounter is disastrous and convinces him of just one thing: that trading success to fulfil a vague prophecy of love in India is a perfectly sound idea.
It is not.
Once overseas the shell-­shocked travel virgin discovers an overwhelming continent of contrasts, meets a cast of characters with dysfunctional love lives that rival his own, and is eventually forced to confront the one heart-­breaking truth he is unable to flee.
The Bikini Prophecy is a hilarious travelogue of hope. An unhinged adventure of love, laughs and loss. And, ultimately, a journey of fate.

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