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Assassination Games (English Edition)
David Fischer


Title: Assassination Games (English Edition)

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This is the Warren Report laid bare.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a lone madman or an unwitting patsy? What are we to make of his connections to the Communist Party? His relationship with Cuba? What can we conclude from Oswald’s financial records? Was Jack Ruby a part of a conspiracy? Did organized crime play a role in the killing?

Read exactly how the government investigated the assassination of the President and what conclusions were drawn.

Here we present the unabridged, unfiltered Report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy or Warren Report. We will examine the information and raise our own questions. We are free to agree or disagree with the conclusions in the report. But now we are able to do so without the distortions, hype or edits of previous accounts.

Readers are strongly encouraged to read it in its entirety as there as many enticing details overlooked or omitted in other volumes. You’ll be interested to know how Oswald interacted with Richard Nixon. You will be fascinated by the history of the protection plans for the President. Over 550 witnesses were interviewed by the Commission and many tantalizing testimonies are included here.

Never again will you be given only parts of the story.

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