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Anarchist: (An MC Serial Novel) Book 1
Jordan Silver


Title: Anarchist: (An MC Serial Novel) Book 1

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Law Daniels is an ex army sniper who's come home to the Western town of Starling Wyoming to bury his family, who has been slaughtered and burned out for the land that has been in the Daniels family for generations. The local sheriff is on the take and refuses to do anything to catch the man responsible. The wealthy and unscrupulous Royce Davis.
Now Law finds himself the head of a band of disgruntled residents who have somehow decided that he should be their leader in chief.
He isn't really interested in anything else but seeking vengeance for the blood of his family, but somehow he keeps getting sucked in. Now he's faced with the care of the young girl that crawled onto his place in the early morning hours after being worked over pretty good.
He can't turn her away, but can he resist her while he tries to protect her?

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