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Holiday Helper Hijinks (The Holiday Helper Adventures Book 4)
Gnick the Gnome


Title: Holiday Helper Hijinks (The Holiday Helper Adventures Book 4)

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It's almost Christmas time when Sylvia and her little brother Andrew hear noises coming from the potted plants in their living room. That means that the Holiday Helpers are around again. This time they are on a mission to break into the Sled Shed and take some of Santa's gifts.

Why are they breaking in and taking gifts?
Where is Poppy the Penguin?
Will they make it past the Elf Security Patrol?
Why is Billy blue?

These questions and many more are answered along the way as you travel deep underground at the North Pole.

Gnick the Gnome is a member of Do-­DaD and the author of the Do-­DaD adventures. When his friends at North Pole Village started telling him about their adventures with Sylvia and Andrew, Gnick offered to help write the story down. Now The Holiday Helper Adventures are available as books so that everyone can enjoy them.

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