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Moon Over Manhasset
Dakota Cassidy


Title: Moon Over Manhasset

130 downloads, last downloaded at January 4, 2015

Series : Book 3 of "Wolf Mates"
Julia Lawrence is a successful small business owner. She's got a high falutin' pet boutique based in Manhasset and she's made a bundle selling designer clothes for pets.

Who would know better how to design puppy pants than a woman who's also a werewolf? Or she-­wolf, as she prefers to be called.

Julia's got lots of money and it's time to invest it wisely.

Xavier Wolf is just the man to do it. He's an investment banker in his family-­owned firm, Pride Investments.

He likes more about Julia than just the money she needs invested.

But Julia is a werewolf and Xavier isn't too sure he's crazy about that.

But does he always have to roar about it?

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