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Mayhem and Maddie
Dakota Cassidy


Title: Mayhem and Maddie

53 downloads, last downloaded at January 8, 2017

Series : Book 1 of "The Ex-­Files"

Madison Blake is divorced, bummed and adjusting to the single life. Everyone keeps telling her to move on, but she just can't figure out exactly what she's supposed to move on to. Sounds like every chick-­lit book known to man, doesn't it? Well, not quite...

Maddie takes a lot of advice from her friends and her lame counselor, who's taught her to keep an emotional journal and use life affirming words, like "I will". But, she still doesn't feel much better, until one night she meets a great guy -- in a bunny suit -- and joins a group of divorced women for a little divorcee therapy. Oh, and karaoke.

Maddie's life begins to change rapidly as she experiences a fetish, a hot guy in an animal costume and three women who will change her life forever. Maddie's being dragged into moving on, so can she leave the past behind and find her happy place?

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