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An American Werewolf in Hoboken
Dakota Cassidy


Title: An American Werewolf in Hoboken

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ISBN: 1230000231548

Series : Book 1 of "Wolf Mates"
JC Jensen, a hairdresser in Hoboken, New Jersey, is happy living alone and focusing on her career. JC decides that maybe a dog might be a better companion than the boyfriends she's had, so she heads off to her local animal shelter to find a puppy that needs a home. Like a cute ball of fluff, ya know?

When she comes home, it's with a beast that the shelter says is part wolf -- and destined to die. He's mean, he's ornery, he has enough fleas to require fumigation, and he's a hairdresser's nightmare, but JC is compelled to adopt him. The shelter is amazed when he only responds to her (no surprise for you there I'll bet). After a trip to PETsMART and a bath, JC dubs her new buddy Fluffy. Fluffy loves steak and hates her ex-­boyfriend Jess, which is just fine by JC. He's her perfect match -- so perfect she thinks if only he were a man they could pick out china together.

But Fluffy likes to roam and when he takes off one night JC's new neighbor Max Adams consoles her by inviting h

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