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Safety in the Philippines (Expat Answerman: Philippines Book 7) (English Edition)
Bob Martin


Title: Safety in the Philippines (Expat Answerman: Philippines Book 7) (English Edition)

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Safety. Every time you mention the Philippines or moving to the Philippines, you will hear a lot of people talking about safety.

"It's dangerous there.­"

"You will be kidnapped in the Philippines!­"

"You are taking your life in your hands if you go to the Philippines!­"

Is it true, though? I have been living in the Philippines for 15 years, and I live in the part of the Philippines that people think is the most dangerous - The Island of Mindanao. After 15 years here, I know the answers when it comes to safety. I can help you know the answers too.

In the book, we will talk about:

- Safety
- Safety for Females
- The Dangers that Lurk
- The Moro National Liberation Front
- The New People's Army
- The Moro Islamic Liberation Front
- The Abu Sayyaf Group
- It's the foreigners who worry me!
- Safety at the ATM Machine
- You might be killed! Or, you might not!
- Environmental Safety Issues
- What about the Typhoons?

I lay it all out in frank terms that anybody can understand. If you plan to visit the Philippines, or to live here, I can help you understand the risks that you might face. Fifteen years on the ground have given me the knowledge that you need to be fully informed.

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