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Z. L. Arkadie


Title: Quenched

662 downloads, last downloaded at January 29, 2018

Series : Book 3 of "Parched"
While in the dark, I do wonder where's Baron. Maybe asleep himself. He can sleep now that he's no longer thirsty. But just when I decide to doze off myself, there's a light knock on the door.

I'm sort of spastic as I sit up quickly. The motion light clicks on. The wooziness has taken control of me; I was seriously ready to drift off into Dreamland.
"Who is it?­" I ask but then realize it can only be one person.
"It's me,­" Baron quietly answers regardless.

I'm twisting and turning all over the place, searching for that stunning Kimono bathrobe that was hanging in the dressing room. But I can't find it. The only thing I see to cover myself with is my trench coat. I leap off the high bed, snatch it up off a red suede armchair, and slide into it.
"Yeah,­" I say too loud as I crack the door open. My head is so dizzy.
His eyes fall down to my chest. I follow them to see what's causing that reaction.
"Oh,­" I breathe and pull the jacket across my exposed cleavage.
Even though I

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