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The Grandfather Tree: A Tale of Age and Usefulness
Kenneth M. Martin


Title: The Grandfather Tree: A Tale of Age and Usefulness

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A beautiful story of a man’s realization of what matters in life, told in Kenneth M. Martin’s immortal words.

Bestselling author Dan Alatorre (Savvy Stories) teamed up with teacher Allison Maruska to bring the world Kenneth M. Martin’s new take on wisdom, old age, and a purposeful life. The result is a tender, engaging story of a good man who always knew who he was and how he mattered - until he retired and somehow lost track.

Author Kenneth M. Martin’s touching tale of discovery is as simple as it is poignant. Written for young people, the timeless story of Uly is sure to become a classic to be enjoyed by readers all ages, and a beautiful lesson we should all remember.

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