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Sweet Disgrace
Lynn, Cherrie


Title: Sweet Disgrace

163 downloads, last downloaded at November 3, 2019

She has Heaven to lose. He has Hell to pay.­Centuries of heartbreak. Grinding failures punctuated by too-­few victories. What angel in her right mind would want this job? Celeste, who’s driven to save Devil-­contracted souls before Hell can claim them, is weary, but not beaten. Yet.­Her latest case makes her wonder if it’s all worth the anguish. A demon enticed a too-­young musician into selling his soul for fortune and fame. To make matters worse, that demon is Damael, an insufferable, frightening minion with airtight contracts—and a body that makes her long for sin.­Damael’s always had a soft spot for Celeste, but if his bored superiors want drama, he’ll give them drama. Though it pains him to trick the angel he wants with all his black heart, eons of restrained lust win out. He makes the deal: her body in exchange for the human’s soul. She wasn’t supposed to accept.­Damael can’t be trusted, but with the deadline bearing down, Celeste lays everything on the line in a last-­ditch effort to save just one precious soul. Even if it means losing hers—along with her heart.­Warning: This title contains graphic language, explicit sex, an angelic heroine with attitude...­and a demonic hero who’s smoking hot. Literally.

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