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West, Priscilla


Title: Ember

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"There is more than one way to be strong, Julia. You know one of them, I can teach you the other.­"Julia Sharp has lost the company that she built with her own blood, sweat, and tears, but she isn't ready to give up yet.­Partnering with the dark and handsome Mark Stone, they start on a risky plan to get her company back. However, Mark isn't entirely what he seems and Julia soon finds it difficult to give him what he wants -- complete and total surrender of her body, mind, and soul.­Excerpt:­I immediately chide myself. Where did that come from? I was raised to make my own way, and given a liberal education that impressed on me women weren’t required to have a man to be successful. In fact, that was one of the problems with Greg -- my constant drive to succeed made him turn to some down-­and-­out floozy to make himself feel better. Okay, so down and out is a little strong. An opera mezzo at the start of her career. But still, he was paying her bills, and with my money.­In fact, my eyes narrow as I look around, if Mark and Blake hadn’t stolen my company and totally fucked up my life I could afford to live on the Upper West Side too. Well, maybe Upper East. Or Tribeca.­“What the hell kind of game are you playing?­” I spit out at Mark, unable to hold my tongue any longer.­“Seems like you’re the one rolling the dice these days, not me.­”“Oh yes, you were conveniently out when Blake was spewing filth out of his mouth. You have been purposefully absent for the last three days and when I finally take the matter into my own hands, you aren’t around to help me, save me or bail me out in a decent amount of time.­”I fight like an old harpy fishwife, standing in the center of the room blurting out accusations while he quietly makes a drink at the bar.­“I’d ask what you were thinking but you clearly weren’t thinking,­” he says sharply.­“What do you know about it, ‘Mr. Show Up When it’s All Over’? You’re too busy to help, even though you promised.­”“I have been busy doing just that – helping you. But how am I supposed to keep a very secret and important plan in motion when you are running around like a banshee mucking everything up? Imagine how I feel. I was out today digging up useful information and I return to the office to discover everyone gabbing, Blake shrieking, Kenneth plotting and cops all over taking statements and I find out it’s because Julia Sharp has attacked my partner!­”“I didn’t attack him.­”“The red hand-­print I saw on Blake’s cheek would suggest otherwise,­” he says. “Why don’t you tell me what happened and we will regroup from there.­”Mark guides me to the couch and sits a vodka tonic down in front of me. I start slowly, holding the heavy glass with both hands.

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