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West, Priscilla


Title: Blaze

65 downloads, last downloaded at April 13, 2019

Erotic Romance Serial Novel | ~17,­000 words | Part 4 of 5"There is more than one way to be strong, Julia. You know one of them, I can teach you the other.­"Julia has found out the secret that Mark has been keeping from her all this time. The photos of Mark sleeping with Valerie have shocked her to her core and now the ball is in her court.­Is there any hope for their relationship? Is there any hope for saving Lynx? Is there any hope for Julia?­Excerpt:­“Son of a bitch!­” I shout, throwing the pictures down on the table as if they burn my fingers. Truth is, they are burning my eyes and incinerating my heart. Mark and Valerie? Under my nose? Behind my back? In front of my face? How can this be happening?­My mind snaps back and forth so quickly I’m worried I might get the bends. One minute I’m revelling in the joy of breaking down the walls that have held my passion in check for so long and the next I am cast into the cold light of this ugly reality. I turn away from the table and walk to the window hoping to see some sun, or smog, or children playing or an old woman getting mugged – anything but those pictures. Then, before I get halfway across the room I go back and look at them. Mark and Valerie James making love, his hands on her hips, his cock in her mouth, her playful, disgusting smile and his deep beautiful eyes looking at her – the way I thought he only looked at me.­Am I mad because he’s the jerk who used me or am I mad because I’m the fool who loved him for it?

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