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Polar Opposites
Burke, Aliyah


Title: Polar Opposites

570 downloads, last downloaded at August 15, 2019

Despite differences and difficulties, love is always capable of finding a way to take root and bloom. Ivan Vinokourov wasn’t sure he'd ever get over losing the love of his life to another man. However, after he's kidnapped, the woman sent to rescue him stirs emotions he’d believed were gone forever. Bailey Hyde is an assassin for Theta Corps—that’s what she does, so she doesn’t understand why she’s being sent in for a retrieval. The man she’s tasked with rescuing is different, and she finds herself attracted to him. He’s a scientist, not the type she usually goes after still, he intrigues her. Despite her misgivings about being involved with someone she’s rescued, they begin a relationship. He’s amazing yet they continue to butt heads over her work. When her past is revealed, Bailey isn’t sure of anything anymore, even Ivan. Can what they have withstand that they are polar opposites? Or are they destined to go back to being alone?

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