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Fifty Shades of Alice Through the Looking Glass
Duchamp, Melinda


Title: Fifty Shades of Alice Through the Looking Glass

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FIFTY SHADES OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND WAS JUST THE BEGINNING...­Eighteen-­year-­old Alice recently had an unprecedented erotic experience. But her adventures have only just begun to heat up.­NOW SHE MUST TRAVEL THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS...­After breaking up with her boyfriend, Lewis, Alice enters a strange fantasy world where every pleasure—no matter how kinky—is indulged.­INTO TOTAL ECSTASY!! WITH TWO EXCLAMATION POINTS!!­Alice is subjected to amorous escapades beyond her wildest dreams, and taken to the very limit of sexual endurance. During her carnal encounters with all manner of men and women, she is teased to tears by a bondage master, thoroughly used in a three way, enlightened to the sensual joys of a female touch, taken to a sex shop to test different erotic toys, given several very special piercings, and is dragged to the Hall of Denied Orgasms where she must fight the frumious Jabbercocky to save all of Looking Glass Land. And you know what we mean by "fight"...­This is for those with dark desires, who wish to explore erotic excess beyond the plain vanilla of everyday life. Follow Alice through the looking glass, if you dare...­Fifty Shades of Alice Through the Looking Glass is slightly longer than the Lewis Carroll version, roughly 38,­000 words or 130 paper pages long. Melinda DuChamp is the pen name of bestselling author who has written over 50 novels, mostly romance. Under this pseudonym she has written Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland.­WHAT READERS ARE SAYING:­"I laughed out loud, then reached for my sleeping husband.­" - Anonymous"I was sleeping, and then, WHAM!­" - Anonymous's husband"DuChamp is very funny and very hot, often on the same page.­" - A Different Anonymous"Longer, spicier, funnier, and better than the original.­" - Jane Doe"During the love scenes, my Kindle got so hot it melted to my lap. Now I'm going to sue.­" - Jane Doe's friend"You don't have to read the first one to enjoy this one. They both stand alone just fine. I don't like it when series books don't stand alone.­" - A woman who doesn't like it when series books don't stand alone"I gave this to my boyfriend so he could learn something about a woman's needs, and now he can't take his hands (among other things) off me! Thanks MS. DuChamp!­" - A lucky lady"OMG! Now I'm having dirty thoughts about Humpty Dumpty! I'll never look at eggs the same way again!­" - Jane Doe II"I think the author is making these quotes up.­" - A woman who asked not to be named"Does Lewis Carroll know about this? Isn't he upset?­" - A man who doesn't know Lewis Carroll Died in 1898"Columbus is the capital of Ohio.­" - A smarty pants"Do people even read book descriptions this far?­" - A concerned fanThis hotter-­than-­hot trilogy begins with Book #1: Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland and concludes with Book #3: Fifty Shades of Alice at the Hellfire Club, coming in fall 2012

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