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Lopez, Lolita


Title: Emma

116 downloads, last downloaded at September 19, 2015

Emma Ramirez has her hands full just trying to hack out a living in the desolated Outlands of a post-­apocalyptic Texas. Zombies, cyborgs and skin traders all threaten the small, isolated farm where she’s lived alone since her father’s death. Sporadic radio traffic and infrequent visits from trusted family friends provide her only contact with the outside world. Until the day Max and Jack seek refuge inside the electrified fence that secures her land… A violent horde of undead attacked the two dangerously sexy cyborg soldiers, and Emma can’t bear to turn them away from her gate. Once inside her fence, the pair of alpha military men seem hell-­bent on claiming her as their woman and taking her back to Outpost Nine. Tempted by the chance to experience all the wonderful things she has craved for so long, Emma accepts their offer of one wickedly sensual night under their skilled hands and talented mouths. But one perfect night of pleasure between two cyborgs will change Emma’s life forever…

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