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Taming the Scotsman
Mynx, Sienna


Title: Taming the Scotsman

230 downloads, last downloaded at January 21, 2017

A chance encounter turns one night of abandonment into uncharted passion. Jayla needs a change. Tired of a life without choices she intends to make one. When her brother presents a chance for adventure she's hesitant at first over the deception they would need to pull off to achieve it. What harm could a little white lie do? Plenty.­Alec Cavanaugh rather blame conspiracy for the passionate night he shares with his new employee. Afterall, he's had plenty of women scam him for his heart to gain access to his riches. And this doe-­eyed caramel beauty is no exception. Or is she? His quest for the truth behind her lies becomes an obsession for him. He devises a plan to get even. But in doing so he only drives the woman of his desires further from his heart.­Can these two fated lovers overcome a misunderstanding? Or are they doomed from the start?

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