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Love After War
Mynx, Sienna


Title: Love After War

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Lauren Bishop has every reason in the world to despise the sexy, chauvinistic, calculating Dylan McGuire. Once colleagues in a top Management Consulting firm in the Windy City, a slick sabotage move by Dylan—her mentor— demolishes any hope for advancement in her career. But that was years ago and despite the bitter parting she has a lot to be thankful for. She ditches the hustle and grind of Chicago for the serene simplicity of Napa Valley. Disillusioned by the whims of men and struggling to prove she can make a life for herself without love Lauren grows bitter and jaded. Now Dylan McGuire is back in her life and Lauren must face off with her old nemesis who is poised to take it all, because he can. However, Dylan’s motives are far more complicated than Lauren suspects. And if he plays the game right, this time the winner takes all.

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